Before the electro-cross-rock project The Dissociaitves released their debut album, the duo behind it first unleashed a five-song EP titled I Can’t Believe Its Not Rock.
Each unpredictable and sinuously evolving song weaves Mac’s distinct electronic with Johns’s vocals and rock style.
A quiet, warbling synth melody opens Rain and progresses between electronic and ‘rock band’ sections. Take Her Out is darker and edgier, tinged with Hitchock’s Psycho, followed by the too-sentimental instrumental 3. Staging a Traffic Jam is jazzier and changes abruptly between sections, while Home just keeps building up with the increasing addition of layers.

This unusual and experimental EP, however, was not produced with the intention of being shared publicly. The two had created the songs on the several occasions that they had gotten together, and decided to release it when they found that they had made a unique sound together.   
The first song was recorded when Silverchair went on hiatus. Johns had decided to visit Mac in his Blue Mountains home, and while there, showed him a song he had been working on. Mac contributed his unique melodic touch, and two had created Rain by the end of the day.
Several months later, the duo recorded Home and Staging a Traffic Jam in Johns’s home studio. Mac was in Johns’s home in Newcastle to help him install his new eight track. Home was finished that day, while the intricate layers in Staging a Traffic Jam required several more sessions to complete it.
The third time they saw each other, they recorded 3 and Take Her Out.

At this point, the duo were happy with the new sound they had unintentionally created and began discussing the possibility of releasing the songs. At the time of its release, Mac stated, “Once it was done though we like how it had turned out so we started talking about releasing it even though, as the name suggests, it probably isn’t what people expect from either of us.” Therefore, the album was available as an online download for a limited time and through a very limited amount of CDs. “Its a different sort of project, so it makes sense to release it in a different sort of way,” stated Johns about the album. 

Shortly after, the duo played the songs on an Australian television show called Love Is a Four Letter Word, which aired in 2001.
Had Daniels and John not recorded some experimental songs together, and subsequently released them, The Dissociatives and its weirdly melodic world may not have been.



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