Tame Impala’s New Album!

OFFICIAL: A new album is to be released between the end of this year and early 2016 by the one and only… Tame Impala!
Billboard officially received word from the band’s label, Spinning Top Music, that “the album is still a work in progress and [there is] no official release date, however it will be released in 2015.”
Tame Impala touring member Jay Watson only revealed that the album is “…gonna be awesome, everything [Kevin Parker] does is awesome.”
Parker says the new material will sound “less rock and more electronic,” while also hinting at the album’s more sophisticated sound. “I’m super excited about it. Its so fresh in the process that I’m so into it. All I can think now is that it’ll make Lonerism look like amateur hour. From a sonic viewpoint, anyway. Definitely.”
Spinning Top Music also revealed that amongst their bands to tour this year, Tame Impala will have headline tours in Australia- the first since 2013.
In an interview with MTV at Big Day Out in 2014, Parker gave some insight into the progress and sound of the album.
Whatever music Parker works with , he will not disappoint in exploring within known styles and genres to create something entirely unique, therefore making the as-yet untitled album to be highly looked forward to.

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